Awaken With Joy

* Awaken With Joy ~ Re-Member Your Authentic Self *

Do You Yearn For Purpose? Do You Feel Like A Stranger In A Strange Land? Do You Want to Make Changes and Don't Know How? These are the questions coming up for many in these challenging times. My journey has taken me through over 40 years of navigating these waters. What I have learned through study and listening to that still small voice, is that first we are to connect with our "authentic self." Once we know, accept and love that self, we can observe how it operates and reacts to the external world. We cannot change our perceptions and focus if we skip this important step. Many of us try to bypass this experience because it is where all our triggers are. All the emotions and the appearances of human judgments and suffering are activated and felt. Why wouldn't we want to bypass that, numb ourselves in anyway that comes along, and live in a dream world. As I see it now it would be like a child who wants to be 18 when it is only 12. As we all know that is not uncommon. We need the wisdom that only experiencing what we have created ourselves to be, before we can make another choice. Once we do that, then we can be reborn and know our "True Selves and be One with all that is.

I would be delighted to share the tools and understanding I have gained with You! It can be an exciting adventure!!! Here They Are *
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